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Recovery Zone

Warm Peer Line  (937) 210-9003

440 S. St. Paris St, Bellefontaine, OH

 827 Scioto St, Urbana, OH 

Recovery Zone provides Accessible Peer Recovery Support and Safe, Supportive Recovery-Friendly Centers that house Mental Wellness and Substance Use Disorder Groups and Activities.  


One-on-One Peer Support Services can be scheduled in-person at our centers, in-person outside of our center’s operations, and virtually.


Our drop-in recovery centers houses a variety of groups throughout the daytime, evening and weekends. There are no costs, no necessary personal disclosures. See our Monthly schedules to know what is going on at the building each month. 

Our peer leadership team and volunteers develop and maintain some of our groups and events, we collaborate with local behavioral health, and other supportive services, to provide additional support groups, and coordinate the best use of the building and resources to meet the needs of those in search of or maintaining mental wellness and/or substance use recovery.

Educational, Spiritual, Creative, Therapeutic and overall Wellness and Supportive Groups Daily.

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